Monthly Archives: October 2014

Dipole antenna refreshed


This is my new dipole antenna. (Figure not in scale.) The elements are J-shape folded in a vertical plane. It is now more compact and looks better with its simpler form.

Obviously, the antenna should work less better than before, because it occupies less volume in the air. The VSWRs are below 1.5 for all the bands from 80 m to 6 m, but became slightly higher in most bands.

I had some QSOs with domestic stations on both 40 m and 30 m bands, and I will keep this shape of the antenna for a while.

Straight Key Night in October


I suppose there are many straight key nights in the world such as the one by ARRL.

Today, the last Sunday of October, we had Let’s A1 Contest, and I joined with my Vibroplex Blue Racer 2000 by using the dash contact only.

I exchanged the number, RST plus two digits designating the year when you first obtained the CW operator license, with a local station, and immediately submitted the contest log.

Do I not seek for more QSOs? Well, there are opinions that there exist a negative correlation between the activities of rag-chewing and of contest engagements, as is exemplified by the statements:
The more time I spend at the mall, the less money I have in my checking account.
The more hours I spend at the office, the less time I spend with my family.

which are very true at least for me.

Looking Forward, Looking Back

“In my younger and more vulnerable years…” ― F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby

When I was young and perhaps a little bit vulnerable, my memory was almost empty. So if you have some questions like:

“What will I be? Will I be handsome? Will I be rich? Will I be a good CW operator?”

you must look out at the outer world for the answer and do not look into your own memory.

And after coming a long way down the track, someday you will notice that you are doing an exhaustive search of your memory for an answer, thinking “There must be an answer there, because I have done it before“.

So getting old is, for one thing, not being vulnerable any more, but becoming too much self-contained for another.

I think I should always try to do something new (a new language? a new skill?) to avoid being excessively self‐sufficient.