It’s Not Your Ears, It’s Your Brain


There is an interesting article here from the University of Maryland.

“For older listeners, even when there isn’t any noise, the brain is already having trouble processing the speech.” said one of the authors of the paper titled, Evidence of degraded representation of speech in noise, in the aging midbrain and cortex, recently appeared in Journal of Neurophysiology.

The author also said “Older people need more time to figure out what a speaker is saying. They are dedicating more of their resources and exerting more effort than younger adults when they are listening to speech.”

“Because they have normal hearing, talking louder does not help. So if someone is having trouble understanding you in a noisy restaurant or in a crowded room, it is most important to speak clearly at a normal or slightly slower than normal rate. Your older loved ones will appreciate this courtesy during the upcoming holidays!”, another author said.

Weeell, whaaat dooo yooouuu thiiink? Shall we QRS even if not asked?

Ubuntu 16.10


Upgraded from 16.04 LTS. Not very prudent? Well, Unix used to be the only OS for me for a very long time, but I feel that it became just one of the operating systems for me for the last several years. Mission critical tasks are no more running on my Unix machines, and they are powered on only occasionally, not 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.